What Accessibility Options are Available at Brewability?

Wheelchair Accessibility

  • ADA Accessible Entrance
  • ADA Accessible Bathrooms


  • Smooth / Flat (no rugs)
  • Variation in flooring can indicate a new space like a bathroom to someone who is visually impaired. You can also add tactile floor stripping.

Accessible Seating

  • Round Tables: for deaf, hard of hearing and hearing individuals to communicate effectively while having easy visibility of everyone's lips and hands.
  • Low top tables for people who use wheelchairs.
  • Deep seated cushioning: for people with sensory sensitivity in a quiet area.

Sensory Corner

  • Noise canceling headphones for kids and adults.
  • Seat cushioning: wiggle seats for kids that need to move around but stay seated when dining.
  • Padded seat for individuals who are aging or experience pain
  • Quiet Space / Relaxing Area

Adaptive Dining Options

  • Weighted silverware for people who shake / need more motor control when eating.
  • Plate Guards
  • Adult shirt protectors / bibs for children
  • Adaptive silverware
  • One handed chopper
  • Roller / Rocker Knife
  • A blendable menu option for people with G-Tubes
  • Straws
  • Adaptive Cups

Adaptive Menu Options

  • Braille
  • Large Print
  • Dyslexie Font
  • Picture-based
  • Sign Language / Color Coding Order System